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The sounds of Rock... in 2020
Triple X
Losing my soul
The single
Alien World
TRIPLE X The second album of the most french of all Californian Rock bands.

New singer, new bass player, and there they go again. The best of three worlds with that piece dedicated to the three main sounds of Rock'n Roll : Pop/Rock, Hard Rock and Metal.
A conceptual stretch that is actually familiar for the band, since they always managed to reconcile all the faces of rock since the first album.


The album triple X ready to go and the members of Bakerstreet 966 cannot wait to have you listen to their new songs. Three videos are to be released summer 2020. We hope to see you soon back on this website when the new album is released.

Click below to listen to our first singles SERPENTINE and IOU :

LOSING MY SOUL A beautiful balad and a surreal video.

Featuring the singer Pierre Dedieu, the song Losing My Soul talk about a broken hearted man who is losing it. A superbe video directed by John Cobalt for studio 966 featuring the choregrapher Stephanie Aldebert and the dansencore dance company.

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ALIEN WORLD First album in 2013. Two videos and an international impact

A three men adventure and promissing debutes. An album with two warm and intense voices. Pieces between pop and californian rock, a delicious ambiance and killer riffs. An international impact with sells spreading from the US to Japan and Mexico.
First and only collaboration with the singer Framy who found himself in the obligation to leave the band right before the promotion tour.
We gained from this aventure beautiful songs and a magnificent album.

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